15 day trip to Cyclades

Antiparos – Irakleia 23 miles

Leaving Antiparos you sail east for 23 miles until you reach Irakleia island, a small island on the south of Naxos island. This island along with Shcinousa, Koufonisia, Keros and some other smaller islands constitute a part of the Cyclades complex, named “small Cyclades”. On Irakleia you may visit on the north-end of the island the country (St. George), as well as nice sandy beaches like Livadi, Karvounolakos and Alimia on the east side. A nice place also is the old castle near the city.antiparos-irakleia2

Irakleia – Schinousa 2 miles

Just opposite on the east side of Irakleia island another beautiful island lies, namely Schinousa. This island has a lot of beautiful sandy beaches, with crystal clear waters that you will definitely enjoy swimming. The main country is located on the west side of the island, at Mirsini bay, a well protected place to spend a night. There you will find good fish taverns and the white chapel of Agios Nikolaos.

Schinousa – Kato Koufonisi 2 miles

Leaving the east side of Schinousa and sailing upwind we reach Kato Koufonisi, a uninhabited island with beautiful sandy beaches. There we can spend the day and before sunset leave for Ano Koufonisi. To be noted that all the coasts of Kato Koufonisi are well protected from the wind.Schinousa-Kato-Koufonisi1

Kato Koufonisi – Ano Koufonisi 3 miles

Ano Koufonisi is just 3 miles away from Kato Koufonisi. There in the main harbor we can find supplies and water, as well nice fish taverns to enjoy Greek cuisine. Ano Koufonisi maybe has the most beautiful sandy beaches on “small Cyclades”, namely Pori, Finikas, Fanos, Megali Ammos, Platia Pounda.


Ano Koufonisi – Naxos 6 miles

Leaving the main harbor of Ano Koufonisi and sailing north-west after 6 miles you reach the south part of Naxos island. There at Kalantos bay you will have the opportunity to anchor safe and enjoy the big quite sandy beach. Please note that there are no supplies on that place and no taverns, so be sure to have all the necessary groceries taken with you.

Kalantos Naxos – Paros 14 miles

Leaving the well protected bay of Kalantos, you travel north-west heading the island of Paros. There you will have the opportunity to visit nice sandy beaches like Chrisi Akti, Pounta, Glyfada and Ambelas. We propose to stay a night at Piso Livadi a nice small harbor with lot of Greek taverns and other facilities. There you can also take a lift for Naousa port.