Ionian Sea tour

Seven day trip on Ionian Sea

Sailing in the Ionian Sea is dedicated for those who want to relax during their holidays and enjoy sailing on calm waters. Ionian Sea most of the time is calm, as north light winds are prevailing. Special care should be taken for light rains and high humidity, typical characteristics of this area. The proposed trip below is special designed for families and non-experienced captains, as the distances between islands are short.

Lefkada – Skorpios 6.5 miles

Leaving the Lefkada marina you sail south across the west side of the island for about 6.5 miles, when you reach the famous island of Skorpios, the private island of Aristotle Onassis. There you can see the house where Aristotle was leaving and you can swim on the crystal blue waters. To be noted that disembarkation on the island is prohibited.

Skorpios – Meganisi 3.5 miles

Leaving Skorpios and sail south east after 3.5 miles you reach Meganisi island. Meganisi is a small populated island with beautiful coastlines, where the pine-trees reach the water. There you can find a well-organized marina, small “tavernas” and convenient stores. A suitable place to spend a night.

Meganisi – Atokos 12 miles

Atokos is small uninhabited island between Ithaki Island and main land. It has beautiful coasts, a nice place to visit. To be noted that there are no tavernas or stores on the island.

Atokos – Ithaca 9 miles

Ithaca, since antiquity has been identified as the homeland of the mythological hero Odysseus. It lies east of the northwest coast of Kephalonia, from which it is separated by the strait of Ithaca. The island consists of two parts, of about equal size, connected by narrow isthmus of Aetos, just 600 meter wide. The two parts enclose the large bay of Molos, whose southern branch is the harbor of Vathi, the capital and the largest settlement of the island. The second largest village is Stavros in the northern part. Vathi is well protected and is a nice place to stay for a night. Supply of water and other amenities is available.

Ithaca – Cephalonia 11 miles

A look of Fiscardo bay
A look of Fiscardo bay

Sailing north across the strait of Ithaca, on the west side we see the coastlines of Cephalonia island. The island is well known in the recent popular culture from its appearance in the novel Captain Corelli’s Mandolin, by English author Louis de Bernières. The beautiful sandy beaches and the small bays full of pine trees is something you should definite visit. On Fiscardo bay, on the northern part of the island, you will see the local architecture style, while you will have the opportunity to eat on local tavernas and get supplies for the yacht.

Cephalonia – Lefkada 40 miles

Leaving Fiscardo bay and sailing north, you have the choice to either make the same itinerary (Meganisi, Skorpios) or leave Lefkada island on your east and sail north through the open Ionian sea. This is a very nice alternative, as you will have the opportunity to visit famous beaches of Lefkada, like Egremni, Porto Katsiki, Kathisma, Agios Nikitas and come across the steep rocky hill sides of the island. A sightseeing you should not lose.