Enjoy and Relax !

This is a more comfortable and relaxing way of enjoying this kind of vacations and is highly suggested to anyone who may not feel confident on sailing in unknown waters, does not have experienced crew or would just like to relax without lot of stress.

Upon request we can provide you also with a skipper for just a couple of days and not for the entire sailing trip.

Our Skippers

Skippered Yacht Chartering will certainly relax you and your company, by leaving the navigation of the vessel mainly to his responsibility. What you have to do is state your preferable route and places you would like to visit during your holiday and our captain based on his knowledge and the prevailing sailing conditions will take care of the rest. All of our skippers are holders of a first class sailing license and have lots of years of sailing experience on the Greek seas. Except that, they will help you discover secret places and beauties of the places you visit.

Normally, in this case one cabin should be considered for skipper; his nutrition is passenger’s responsibility and is not among skipper’s duties to do groceries or cleaning.