Sporades tour

Seven day trip on Sporades

Sporades is a very interesting and relaxing place to sail, as it composes the beauty of the Aegean Sea but with light winds (most of the times). The proposed trip is designed for more experienced sailors, who can easily sail on open sea. The prevailing winds here are from north, north-east direction.

Volos – Skiathos 38 milesv3

Leaving Volos harbor and Pagasitikos bay you will meet on the north-east Skiathos island. Skiathos, the first island to visit on Sporades complex, is well known for its sandy beaches with the pine trees reaching water and its night life. On the northern side of the island there are also white pebble beaches. To be noted that the island has more than 60 beaches to visit. The harbor is well organized and well protected from winds.

Skiathos – Skopelos 9 miles

Leaving Skiathos and sailing 9 miles east you reach the west side of Skopelos. In legend Skopelos was founded by Staphylos or Staphylus (Greek for grape), one of the sons of the god Dionysos and the Princess Ariadne of Crete. Lately the island was well known due to the filming of Mamma Mia! Movie in September 2007. Skopelos is the larger island of Sporades complex with many sandy beaches mainly on the west and south-west side of the island. The harbor is on the east side and is well organized.

Skopelos – Alonissos 10 miles

The main sightseen of Alonnisos is the National Marine Park, the largest marine protected area in Europe (approximately 2.260 Km2). Besides the sea area, the Park includes Alonnisos, six smaller islands (Peristera, Kyra Panagia, Gioura, Psathura, Piperi and Skantzoura), as well as 22 uninhabited islets and rocky outcrops. During sailing you may come along small dolphins and mediterranean monk seals (Monachus monachus).

Alonissos – Kyra Panagia 15 miles

Leaving Alonissos and sailing north-east you reach Kyra Panagia Island. There you can either visit the homonym bay or sail even northern on the east side of the island where there is a physical bay named “Planitis”. Planitis is a physical close-end harbor, well protected from winds, a perfect place to anchor and stay the night. Crystal clear waters and enormous landscape in the morning, while in the evening you can easily watch the reflection of the stars on the water.

Kyra Panagia – Skantzoura 20 miles

Skantzoura is a small island on the south-end of the National Marine Park. Today it is uninhabited, as a small old monastery is now deserted. There are no large sandy beaches but nice and well protected bays, full of pine trees and crystal blue waters.

Skantzoura  Skopelos or Skiathos 30 miles

Leaving Skantzoura we propose to make another stop either in Skopelos or Skiathos before reaching Volos.

Skiathos Volos 38 miles

Leaving Skiathos you sail west towards the Pagasitikos gulf. There you have the choice to visit the beautiful sandy beaches of Pilio peninsula, before entering the gulf. A nice place to stop is Platanias bay and Hondri Ammos bay.